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"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you both how incredibly thankful I am and appreciative I am for you considering having me back with TFF. The more I am diving into everything from Encompass, the back office, the pricing model(s) to the compensation package the more BLOWN AWAY I become. Truly, I don’t believe there is another company out here like ours. You guys are extremely generous in the overall package you offer to originators/BM’s and I am not sure if you hear that enough but THANK YOU!!! I am so very excited about this opportunity and being “home” and we are expecting big things down here in Carolina. You guys will not be disappointed in your decision and thank you for creating such an amazing company. The entire staff has been helpful and very pleasant and right on point and eager to help. It is an honor Tim and Tracie!!"

-Rick B.

"Hello TFF Execs:

I am forwarding you the below email from the listing agent to highlight the amazing team work we had on this loan. I have known the listing agent for 15+ years, BUT was never able to earn his business. This is a simo purchase loan closing. I submitted the loan to initial QC on 6/19 and able to close the loan a day earlier and have docs 3 days prior to closing as per agent’s request. I would not be able to do this without the folks involved on this loan.

Thank you all for the outstanding service, team work and for making me look good to both realtors and the borrowers.

Keep up the good work."


"Good morning,

I wanted to take a moment and send each of you a personal email thanking you for your help and hard work on this file.

This conforming purchase was started on 5/13 and we received the CTC yesterday! This makes Top Flite look GREAT in the eyes of the borrower because his initial mortgage company sat on this file for almost 30 days before they realized they weren’t licensed in the state he was buying in and delivered the message to him that they couldn’t complete his file.

Often times in our business hard work goes unrecognized due to multiple deadlines each of us are trying to meet so I wanted to simply say Thank You and let you know your hard work is appreciated!

Have a great day."

- Heather D.

"I really needed that presentation and learned how to effectively and efficiently originate at a higher efficiency level. Details are significant and appreciate the support from Top Flite. I am still under a year as an employee but very happy to see the ability to grow and awesome support staff and TOP NOTCH PROCESSING.

I hope to be a top producer moving forward.

Thank you in advance for all you do."



I really would like to take the time to tell you that everyone that I have a contact with at Top Flite Financial is simply awesome. I can't say enough on how hard, dedicated and sweet everyone is to me. I am so happy that Top Flite Financial has given me the opportunity to be a part of your team. So THANK YOU to you and Tim!!!! Please have a wonderful and blessed week."


"A big thanks to both of you guys for working so hard to help us accomplish what we have been trying to do for years.

You both have been very courteous timely and effective.

Always answering when I call or emailed and answered any questions we had.

I am glad I waited to do business with Top Flite Financial!"

-Russell A.

"Tim and Tracie;

I just wanted to let you know what a good job everyone is doing. The teamwork that TFF has is amazing!

Everyone goes the extra mile that you have to do to provide the level of customer service that is expected from us. Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thanks to all!"

-John R.

"I just wanted to let you know that the rush closing we snuck in yesterday is ready to go and it is all thanks to Kim and her efforts...she went above and beyond on this one and deserves to be recognized...She even stayed late after a very long day yesterday to make sure we got it done. She is very efficient and helpful and I look forward to more closings with her. : )

And thank you again for approving it...you really helped me out on this one."


"Tim & Tracie,

Two years ago today I made the greatest leap of faith in our company and it has paid off.  I just want to take today and say thank you. I still remember our first time meeting at my first Lions game (vs packers). I just wanted to say thanks!   It’s been a great 2 years.  Here’s to another great year together."

-Ryan D. Cuffle

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